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Evolution Range Spine – Single Desk – 6 way

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Spine make it easy to create workstations for groups or teams

The layout shows singe and double spine setups, configured to be formed around the space availability in the office, 2-way configurations and 4-way configurations are illustrated, and depending on room size and space, 6,8 and 10 way configurations can be created.

Spine storage system has been developed to be functional, practical, and at the same time to have a new impact in office setups.

A single 2 way storage systems offers storage for 2 persons, one on either side of the unit for privacy and personal space.

They offer either a left hand or right hand side configuration open top or roller door storage.

All storage units are standard with door and drawer compartments, and are fitted with addition of a pull-out pen and pencil tray hidden in the top drawer as well as a pin board.

A cavity space has been created on the Spine unit, it is ideal for cabling network to be placed through to reach the desking areas, the cavity has been placed between the top and bottom for reticulation purposes and stows out of sight.