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Salon Reception Unit

Salon Straight Reception Counter
A workstation only (excludes storage)
Knock Down
Adjustable ferruls
Cable management Ports
Wire management Basket

1200 x 732 x 1070
1500 x 732 x 1070
1800 x 732 x 1070
2100 x 732 x 1070
2400 x 732 x 1070
2700 x 732 x 1070

Salon Reception Storage Unit
Storage fits next to a straight or corner Salon reception unit
2 Drawer, 1 D/F & Shelf
Cable management Ports
Adjustable ferruls
400 x 750 x 1200


The Salon reception range makes a great first impression. It offers a private desk surface, side storage, and a standing writing surface for visitors. The straight reception counter includes reticulation for cabling and is available in several sizes. The reception front panels are ideal for mounting company signage.