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Desk Screens

Office Furniture Wholesalers offers desk screens to offer employees a level of privacy for those open-plan workspaces. Desk Screens are custom-made and measured to suit your office. Desk Mounted Screens are great to provide that individual workspace feel, along with privacy. Desk Screens come standard with Aluminium frames, Velcro frames & PVC econo-frames. Our Desk screens have various mounting fittings to suit any desk setup. Desk Screens come standard in rectangular Cut-out, Wave Top and Curved Top. Acoustic desk screens offer you a quiet workspace within an open plan office environment. Desk Screens offer more than just dividing up of desk space, but have optional add-ons for pin boards and whiteboards, to note down important information. Desk screens come standard in 500mmH, 600mmH and 700mmH.

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